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IV Drip Bar

IV therapy is the fastest way to deliver vital fluids, electrolytes, medications, and vitamins to the body, restore optimum hydration and support the immune system. I.V. fluid is absorbed directly into the bloodstream with 100% efficiency compared with approximately 50-60% or less for oral intake.


Here at Jovial MedSpa we carry several brands of fillers such as Juvederm, Versa, and Restylane making each customized treatment plan available for you!


Poorly injected or would you just like a fresh start! We can help here at Jovial MedSpa

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Non-Surgical BBL

The non-surgical BBL, from the medical and aesthetic point of view, can be used for:

Buttock augmentation for asymmetries, filling hip-dips and adding volume and projection. Dermal fillers are used to correct volume loss, shape, contour and reduce the appearance of fine and/or deep asymmetries. Dermal fillers are hyaluronic acid. 

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